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Agent Apprenticeship


Earn your license and master the market by learning from experienced agents who occupy the top 1% of real estate.

If you've ever dreamed of becoming a real estate agent, the Zahnd Team Agent Apprenticeship Program is the perfect way to get started. 

99% Agent Success Rate 
Side-step Common Mistakes
Gain a Competitive Edge

Are You Ready to Take Your Career to the Next Level?

Most agents never receive the appropriate training to realize their full potential. They struggle to generate leads, fumble through loose sales processes, and ultimately fail out of the business within the first 2 years of getting their license.


The Agent Apprenticeship Program turns that on its head. In as little as 6-months, the program provides agents with the tools and confidence required to supercharge their potential and elevate them to the top 1% of the market.

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It's More Than a Real

Estate License

The Agent Apprenticeship Program gives you the training and tools that are necessary to empower and boost your earning potential.

Get access to:

Scripts that help you confidently talk with clients and deal with objections
Proven systems and tools to help boost lead generation
Marketing materials that will help you stand out from the competition
A supportive team who's ready to help you reach your goals

It's Not For Everyone

The Agent Apprenticeship Program is not for everyone-it's only for those who are ready to make the commitment and put in the work required to get results. If you're looking for something that will just happen overnight, this isn't it.


But, if you've ever dreamed about leading the life you want as a real estate agent, on your own terms, then this program is worth it.


That's why we only offer 6 apprenticeship opportunities at a time. To make sure you receive the individualized attention you deserve to come out on top.




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Receive Expert Training and Mentorship

Receive private and group training from experienced realtors using the same methods the top 1% of agents use to close deals.

You will:

Get 4 hours of weekly one-on-one mentorship from expert realtors
Learn how to generate leads, close deals, and all the steps in between
A space to learn and avoid common errors that cause 87% of realtors to fail
Learn how to articulate your value and other skills not taught in school

Now Is The Time to

Start Your Real Estate Journey

We don't want to just prepare you for success. We want to make sure you achieve it.


So, if you're ready to start your real estate journey and became a licensed agent, let's talk about how we can help you get there faster by becoming an Agent Apprentice.

Thomas B.
Starting out, I didn't know where to look for answers. Asking other agencies, they'd beat around the bush with lengthy answers to simple questions. The Zahnd Team was the only agency able to give me a win, win situation. Through the program, we were able to map out my future potential income, find new opportunities to build my network, all while learning the ins and outs of the real estate industry.

— Thomas B.

Stephanie M.
I was looking for a brokerage that offers training while taking the online courses to become a licensed agent. That's what the Zahnd Team Agent Apprentice Program offered. While I was in school online I could tag along experienced agents on showings, practice offer writing, scripts and get some good on-hands practice that made it easier to have a great start once actually licensed.

— Stephanie M.

Andrew C.
This program prepares you to be an agent. The hands-on learning with a mentor is priceless. You're involved in all aspects of client interactions, making the leap from student to agent much easier and success much closer. Although stressful at times, mentors are there to give direction when needed. Joining a team that works together to help one another reach their goals has been incredible to experience.

— Andrew C.

Sell Beyond Residential Listings:

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Join The Team

We're a team committed to providing clients with the best real estate experience in the industry.

If you have the talent, ambition and drive to succeed in this industry and know there's more out there than just selling homes, we want to hear from you.

So stop waiting and become one more of the 23 successful agents who have taken the journey to transform their real estate careers.

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